Every time these 2 girls get together all I see is beauty and joy. The way they interact with each other, the way their faces light up whenever they see each other, they way they fight like sisters and then moments later are the best of friends once more. My life as a mom has become better through knowing Cosette and the way she reflects onto Kate. There is just something that falls into place in Kate's life whenever she is around. We've again managed to score matching dresses for the girls ( I think this time makes 4?) and when I look through these images of them it reminds me of a fashion magazine. So different from what we've done before and yet so perfect. From watching them just naturally fall into the rhythm of exploring and just being kids to seeing their excitement at pretending to be Cinderella and kicking off a shoe. Watching the world through their eyes is truly a joy.

AuthorZach Manntai